Nexus of 3D and 5D Relationships

There is no easy answer. Those in the fifth dimension are self-directed with their own moral compass. We answer to a higher purpose, a higher calling, our divine selves.


No question goes unanswered – Kailley Quote

Listen not to the noise created by stray thoughts; rather, pay attention to the universe when a question is asked. No question goes unanswered. —Kailley From Lost and Found: Finding the Lost "I AM" Within You Paperback and ebook available from Amazon © 2015

Guidance for Living in the New 5D World Quotes

Living is not something that can be done in retrospect; we must continue to stay present and live from the here-and-now. Individual reality is projected from within and is inseparable from ourselves. If this were not so, the fabric of the “larger” reality that all of us share would be ripped apart. Forget everything you … Continue reading Guidance for Living in the New 5D World Quotes