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For Richer or Poorer text and mountain scene
For Richer or Poorer

For richer or poorer, each of us has a duty, as human beings on this planet at this time, to be our “brother’s keeper”.

For richer or poorer, we must all take responsibility for not only our own actions, but those who we have elected to make decisions for us.

For richer or poorer, the contributions we make each and every day of our lives define who and what we are.

For richer or poorer, no one has knows how long we have to live, but it is our purpose here in this lifetime to find out what we are here to do and do it.

For richer or poorer, all commitments we make, written, verbal or implied, stand as testaments to our ability to live our personal truths.

For richer or poorer, stand up and be counted for what you believe; this is where you will make your greatest impacts.

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Mistakes that are Blessings in Disguise

Daily Prompt: Favorite Mistake

Is there a mistake you’ve made that turned out to be a blessing — or otherwise changed your life for the better? Tell us all about it.

How many times in your life have you, at first, regretted a decision you had made…only to realize it was really a blessing in disguise?

The Universe is our compass
The Universe is our compass

For me, they are a regular occurrence and simply a way for the Universe to let me know that I’m not always in charge. To be honest, we’re rarely in charge. Usually, when we listen to our inner guidance, we make our choices based on the concerted effect of that knowingness. However, there are times when we have not listened close enough and choose to go down a “wrong” street or engaged in a behavior that does not suit us.

I sometimes have to remind myself that there is no wrong path; I’m always on my path. The path may be diverging from the quickest way to my goal, but eventually everything I do, everyone and everything I encounter along the way, is in perfect order. That doesn’t mean that every decision I make is in my own best interest, but it does mean that when I feel something like regret, that is usually due to not listening to the small, still voice that is me…in everyone. We…I…just let the world’s noise overwhelm me and provide diversions.

If first you don’t succeed…

Really difficult life lessons can only be had when we need to wake up to the reality that we have ventured far from our most direct route. I can get pretty far down that side path before realizing that I might want to find help, directions, council from someone who presents themselves at that moment. For it is the Universe that will always keep me on track, if I let it…in all of its forms and ways.

The biggest mistake I can ever make is to continue down a path until I hit what seems like a dead in and then become depressed about the choices that lead me there in the first place. Eventually, I’ll see that the blind alley does have an exit and I will pick myself up again. When I have seen the “error of my way”, then I can choose differently and, hopefully, not go that way again.

For the very definition of insanity is to continue doing something the same way and expecting different results. So, I choose to learn from the Universe’s myriad lessons in that form of deception and choose to a different way toward my life’s purpose.

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Fulfill Your Purpose in Life through God’s Great Plan for You

Guy Finley’s special lesson: Fulfill Your Purpose in Life through God’s Great Plan for You

Key Lesson: Nothing true and timelessly Good has ever taken root and flowered in this world that wasn’t first sown by love, cultivated through sacrifice, and watered with tears.

This article is excerpted from The Essential Laws of Fearless Living (pages 139-143).
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Let Life Happen as it Must

What are we to do with what life brings to us — that we are sure just isn’t “right” — especially when we can look out and see so many horrible things taking place on our planet? The author is not saying we should disregard negative conditions, only that things are the way they are in the moment in which we see them unfold; whether we like it or not means nothing, and our distaste for it changes nothing in what takes place before us. However, what does mean something is what we allow to happen within us in that moment, because as we are changed — by what we see about ourselves — so changes the moment itself.

Not only are events unfolding as they must, but they also serve a higher purpose. Life itself, each of its “waves,” is a kind of “window” through which we see what “is” — including the reality of how our awareness interacts and transforms all that is becoming moment to moment.

It’s what we do inwardly — with what takes place outwardly — that alone has the power to transform both of these worlds in a way that’s truly positive for all. And when we are aware of this truth, and its vital relationship with all that is taking place, we begin to see how our true human responsibility and the higher purpose of this life are really one movement. It’s why our interior work is so important, crucial really, to the enlightenment of human consciousness. Our world is transformed according to our ability to take part in it this way, just as we ourselves are transformed with the world as it reveals to us the truth of ourselves.

Alignment with Destiny

Personal Development using Numerology and Law of Attraction by Carol Adrienne – from 2006

Fall seems to bring up questions about “turning over a new leaf” or getting back on track after the distractions and lull of summer.  I receive many email inquiries from people about life purpose questions.  It occurred to me that I could answer a few of the ones that apply to many people, and offer a sort of “Advice Blog” on my website. This month’s column will be an answer to PF–a woman who ordered one of my numerology charts.  She agreed to let me use her life purpose question, and the information in her numerology chart, for this month’s column. Hereafter, I will answer questions of this type on my website Advice Blog (see note below.)

    In this column I am referring to P F’s numerology chart, which, of course, is individual to her.  However, I hope that some of the suggestions I offer will apply to others who may be currently between careers or jobs, and who want to live a life more in alignment with what is in their hearts.  Please, take what you like and leave the rest.

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Life and Death (excerpt)

White cliffs of Dover with saying, Never fail to show up for Life!
Never fail to show up for Life!

Never fail to show up for life. Sometimes it would “seem” to be easier to stay on the sidelines—not participate, not be hurt. You are wrong. You choose to incarnate to be “hurt” by the “other” who is but a shadow reflection of yourself. If you didn’t see the truth in the “mirror”, you could not have felt the pain of recognition. Bless then the “other” who you can now choose to turn away from—in seeing that this is no longer the truth of who you are.

Whenever you experience “pain”—whether physical or otherwise—you should be assured that this is always a temporary situation and that it has its purpose. Sometimes this purpose is not always apparent or seems particularly distressful to you. This may be because it is for long-term growth of your soul purpose; a purpose which is for your highest good. With your limited understanding of the concept of death, you believe that this is the “worst thing” that can happen on the physical plane of reality; this could not be furthest from the actual truth of the matter. Rather, it is non-growth—which stems from your resistance to moving through pain into a greater understanding of its purpose in your life which colors your outlook on your current circumstances.

Know that to the degree that you resist, you are pushing this necessary life experience away from its integration into the soul. It is this process of pushing away which causes you the most pain—and the continuance of this pain until some level of resolution comes to the forefront. This resolution may take the “unfortunate” form of madness or death. These are the direct result of the rejection of experience as incompatible with your current understanding of yourself in relationship to your fellow human beings. The guides you have been given can help only to the extent that you allow them to—their help cannot be forced and it must be welcomed on some conscious level.

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