Extreme Gratefulness, part 2 of a series

Extreme Gratefulness - A Perfect Life Lived in the Supreme State of Thanks Part 2 of a series on gratitude by DeBrady (started 2/26/05, edited for blogpost 10/15/12) Remember that rude driver? Remember your reaction. Multiply that "minor" irritation by a million or more individuals and you can start to see how it is that … Continue reading Extreme Gratefulness, part 2 of a series


Substance, Perception and Manifestation

Power and Us When I allow myself anything I desire, I will receive all that I have invited into my life. Power comes not to us so much as through us. If we expect appearances to be substance, we will get neither. Those who deceive understand innately or intrinsically that appearances are more important to … Continue reading Substance, Perception and Manifestation