Moon and clouds

NOTE: Sometimes great photographs don’t need to be clear…as this shows!


Tonight the moon and clouds are putting on their nightly recital.  They move elegantly together while the stars play their symphony.  As they move back and forth to the music they tell a tale that has been told since the beginning of time.  The story is intended to put you in a trance. A trance that will carry you to a peaceful sleep to wake restful and relaxed for the day to come.

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Truth versus Fact (excerpt)

When metaphysicians and skeptics argue over these matters, many forms of evidence can be trotted out by the skeptic, which would seem to bolster his position. In terms of building an argument for and against, it is usually the “against” side which has the most “proof” to offer. The skeptic can usually claim victory and walk away no more enlightened than he was to start.