Come Sit with Me – Guest Post by Sharon Milliman

Dearest one, come and sit with me for a while. Rest your eyes and feel the out pouring of my Grace.

Come Sit with Me for Awhile


Oh, quiet now and rest, my beautiful little soul and be at peace, for you are on a journey of wonder and delight.

Come now and rest with me on a beautiful star this glorious velvet night.

Come learn, come share, come give of you and my love and light shall pull you through.

There will be no more endless days and painful choices, so turn a deaf ear to the subtlety in the voices.

You need only have ears to hear the truth. The truth is inside of you, and you know the way.

I love you my dearest little one. Just reach out and let me hold your gentle little hand and I will help you to understand.

Oh precious little soul, come sit with me for just a while, come laugh, come sing, and share a smile.

Dear sweet child of mine, listen carefully; hear my words, for they are set upon the wind.

Let Joy and happiness enter in, and you will hear the Angels sing.

Come out of the shadows, and be a part; this is not the end, it’s just the start.

Let my love and Joy come alive inside of your heart.

Stand up and uncover the light you try so hard to hide, for it sparkles like diamonds in the velvet sky.

Walk straight and tall with your head held high. For you know, you are precious in my eyes.

Let the truth conquer all. And the light of your soul will shine bright in the Heavens for all eternity. Do not be afraid for I will shelter you from the storm.

Dearest one, come and sit with me for a while. Rest your eyes and feel the out pouring of my Grace.

Come and sit with me for a while. Come laugh, come sing, come share a smile.

Come and rest with me on a star this glorious velvet night.

© 2016 Sharon Milliman
A Song In The Wind, A Near Death Experience, Chp. 8

Lifemates in the New 5D Reality

Life is full of surprises, make them happy surprises!

What is the “ideal” lifemate” for a Fifth Dimension (5D) relationship?

The short answer: Lifetime is relative, focus on the now.

The somewhat longer answer is that for a relationship itself to be 5D, both partners must be firmly committed within themselves to living in the new reality with a 5D focus.

If one or both are still transfixed by 3D realties, it’s not possible to have a long-term, mutually productive relationship in the 5D–even if both “want” it. Perplexing as it may be, it’s not a “punishment”–with the suffering that will surely be commensurate. It’s just the additional “weight” (or wait) that the 3D world has, keeping it separate from that of the 5D one. Too many of the underlying motivations to let go of for each individual to do before a 5D relationship is possible.

This is not to say that it is impossible, just improbable for both to do in the short time that you have to establish a meaningful couplehood. So, look first for another 5D person, then begin the dance of intimacy, which is necessary for a satisfying and lasting relationship to emerge with the potential to last a lifetime.

Remember that in the 5D reality, it’s difficult to focus on a lifetime commitment when each of you is focused in the moment. The duality inherent in this 3D reality that each of you continues to inhabit which that still exists, will exerts “pressure” to value the past and the future–not so much in the 5D, the new reality.

This may be complicated, and often heart-wrenching, for you. So much of this world is still rooted in the physical (3D), The more spiritually-based 5D world requires a different viewpoint and yet you will remain physical as you continue to grow and evolve. Finding a lifemate maybe a goal, but try not to compromise in finding one who will be by your side, as you will on theirs. Do this with love, faith and joy, for that is what and who you really are.

Note: Lifemates in the New 5D Reality was started 9/8/09 and continued 8/12/12, almost 3 years in the making!

Duality in Emotion

Pair of buckskin work horses grazing in a pasture
Envy places you furthest from your present moment truth; joy brings you closest.


We often consider emotions as something we have—relatively capriciously, which come and go with little or no will on our part. This is simplistic and still based on the little “I” arising from our most primal selves. As the vibrational levels we live in continue to rise, there must be more consideration placed on the emotions and their apparent control “over” us.

Often emotions are placed in opposition to one another, such as love/hate, envy/joy, etc. The dualistic comparisons are also based on the fallacy that these emotions can be placed a kind of balancing point. If that were true, you could reach some sort of “happy median”. Consider the fairly traditional dichotomy of love and hate. You may wish to consider whether there is a certain level of quality of expression of each. Is there a point where there is too much “love”? Is there a point where there is a great “need” for hate? Of course, definitions may different from individual to individual, culture to culture; but, in general, the answer is probably “no” in both cases.

So, is there any two emotions that operate in a dialectic fashion? The closest to this are envy and joy, but only in the sense that as envy is eliminated, or at least diminished, joy is increased—and vice versa. Envy places you furthest from your present moment truth; joy brings you closest. Although there might not be an obvious direct connection between these two emotions, certainly you can see how it may affect your experience of the present moment—which is really the only “time” you can ever experience.

Love and joy are strongly linked, as well; however, there is no specific connection. It can be true that you feel more joyful when you are also experiencing love or loving thoughts, some love can make you anything but joyful. And, reciprocally, you can feel especially joyful and that experience could have nothing—in particular—to do with any specific feelings of love.

How you process your dualistic nature of human physical reality can be confusing and all-too-often attributed to strong emotions. Clearly, as we’ve pointed out, emotions are merely your inner thoughts about your present moment. We suggest that, although emotions can be useful gages of your inner world; they are misleading or outright inaccurate barometers of your “outer” world.