Forgiveness and God’s Grace by Sharon Milliman

That it was a journey of healing for my body and for my soul. It is a journey because some hurts take a lifetime to forgive and we just can’t do it on our own. We need God to help us. But the WILL to forgive is the first step.


After my Near Death Experience, I learned that with God everything is Grace. Our very existence is by His Grace. He is constantly pouring out His love and grace upon us.

There is a saying” There but for the grace of God go any one of us”.

Truly, it is by His grace that we are where we are in life. As I have said before, when I had my life review, I never felt as though I was being judged. God does not judge us, we judge ourselves standing before Him. But, as I watched my life passing before me, I saw everything I ever said or did and there was no sense of remorse of guilt. All I felt was complete love and total acceptance.

There was no sense of being held bound by any past events nor were there any feelings of anger or resentment or any unresolved issues tying me down and keeping me trapped in time. All had been forgiven. I had let go of everything. I learned that forgiveness is the freedom of letting go.

That it was a journey of healing for my body and for my soul. It is a journey because some hurts take a lifetime to forgive and we just can’t do it on our own. We need God to help us. But the WILL to forgive is the first step.

Forgiveness is a process and it takes time, sometimes it takes years, and in some cases a lifetime. I learned that forgiveness is a creative act that takes us from prisoners of the past with hurtful memories, to strong, loving people living in the present who are free of the chains that kept us bound, and are now at peace. There is peace because all of the unresolved issues, and the hurt, and bitterness are gone which brings peace to the soul and harmony to one’s life. Forgiveness doesn’t mean forgetting the wrong that was done to us; it means no longer feeling the pain that was done.

Unforgiveness, is a chain that keeps us held bound. We don’t have to forgive others. It is not a requirement. But if we want to be free and we want to heal from the hurts of life, then it is something that we need. Normally, the other party, or parties involved don’t care if they are forgiven, especially if they haven’t asked for forgiveness, they have gone on with their lives, completely oblivious to the devastation, and the hurt still left in our heart.

That’s why forgiveness is important; it breaks those chains and frees our heart. We need it in order to grow, otherwise we become stuck. When we become stuck we no longer feel God’s grace.

Of course, It is always there, we just don’t feel it anymore. And then we begin feeling the illusion that God has abandoned us. We need to allow forgiveness to flow through us and around us; and when we are aware that we are now free from those chains that held us bound, we are free to love unconditionally and we can send that unconditional love out into the world around us.

Then, the natural flow of God’s divine love dissolves all the hurt, all the bitterness, all the pain and the sense of being wronged. Then, we can allow His grace to come to us and flow through us, to forgive through us.

There is no more of the illusion of separation, no more feelings of abandonment. Forgiveness is the greatest form of unconditional love and acceptance. It is a gift that he gives us and it is through His grace that we experience this gift.

Sharon Milliman

A Song In The Wind
A Near Death Experience

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Substance, Perception and Manifestation

Closeup of monument at Mount Seton
Power comes not to us so much as through us.

When I allow myself anything I desire, I will receive all that I have invited into my life. Power comes not to us so much as through us. If we expect appearances to be substance, we will get neither. Those who deceive understand innately or intrinsically that appearances are more important to us and the deceivers will disappear before we realize the inherent lack of substance therein.

Our notions about how the Universe works is borne—incorrectly—of our perception of past results. As your saying goes, good things come in small packages. Do not be seduced by bigger and better appearing “packages”—often these are hollow or short-lived. You are often surprised when you have succeeded in manifesting your heart’s desire. It is when you can completely release your heart’s desire into Universal Source that manifestation occurs.

At the source of your unhappiness is the answer to all that you have come here to accomplish. Anything—or anyone—which can be manifested “outside” of your physical body originates from within. The externalization of your desires—or your sorrows—is the natural result of thought-forms being expressed into Universal Source. This is as it has always been; however, with the increase the luxury of the delay which allowed previous generations to make the “mistakes” of “wrong thinking” more easily corrected. Do not let yourself become overly concerned with controlling your thought.

First of all, your goal is not to “control thought”, but to prepare your awareness in such a way as to not have “wrong” thought emerge from your unconscious need to control your environment. You have perceived the Universe as a “result” of your actions; this could not be further from the actual truth. The Universe delivers apparent results PRIOR to action through thought-forms. Much like speech, actions are the physical manifestation of your thoughts. By learning to shape thought-forms prior to their emergence into your physical reality, you will begin to notice how this has always occurred. Surprise will no longer be a function of your realization. Instead, you will be prepared to accept this as a natural result. This is when joyful and harmonious living can truly be realized.