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pizza_party_hillarywhiteRegardless of how you pronounce them, Gifs (or Jifs) are a great way to promote your work on social media. Unlike videos, Gifs are generally short and get right to action, which is ideal for catching the attention of potential fans.

Let’s create a quick gif promo to show how they can help step up your promotional game. For the purposes of this tutorial, we’ll be using Adobe Photoshop. However, any image editor that allows for the creation of gifs should have similar tools and methods.

Step 1: The first thing you want to do is decide what kind of animation you would like to have. For example, in the image above the animation is very simple. Complex animations mean more frames in the Gif, which can increase the file size quickly.

Step 2: Now that all the layers are ready, it’s time to prepare the animation. Open up the Timeline editor from the “Window” menu. Once the timeline opens up, click the button that says “Create Frame Animation”. In newer versions of Photoshop you can create and edit videos, however for the purposes of making a simple animated Gif, frame animation is the way to go.

Step 3: Now that everything is setup it’s time to animate. From the animation menu choose “Create Frame”, or you can also choose the “Duplicate Frame” from the toolbar. In order to make it look like the mice are dropping down, we need to create the first and last frame of the animation.

Step 4: Now that Frame 1 and 2 is setup, acting as the first and final frame of the animation, it’s time for tweening. Select both frames by holding shift, and then click the “Tweens Animation Frames” button in the toolbar. In the popup window, you can choose how many new frames to add. As there is already 2 frames, we are going to add 3 frames. The more frames you have the smoother your animation will be, however we know we’re going to add some more frames for other effects, so 5 total frames for this animation is good.

Step 5: Now let’s create a new layer at the very top with some text. When you add new layers to your animation, you’ll notice that the new layer is visible in every frame of your current animation. Instead of editing each frame and hiding this layer, select all of your current frames and turn the visibility of the layer off. Now you can turn the layer on in the frames we want them to be visible. To get the text to show, create a new frame and enable the layer. It will now show up once the mice drop down in the animation.

Finish: Once you have your gif finished, go to File>Export>Save for Web, and make sure to choose gif from the preset drop-down. From this window you can see the current size dimensions and filesize. Since this promo is going to be used on social media, 1080px x 1080px will work quite well for Instagram, Facebook, and more. You can also optimize your gif settings, which can help lower the filesize. Before saving you can preview your gif and even change the looping options.

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Facebook Pages More Useful Than Websites? [INFOGRAPHIC] :: Digital Marketer Blog

Infographic about the Like button on Facebook

Facebook infographic

A full 50% of consumers now say that a company’s Facebook Page is more useful than its actual website, according to a survey conducted by research company Lab42.

While I have some serious doubts about a Facebook Page being more useful in terms of consumer research, there’s no doubt that a brand page is essential. And I mean, ESSENTIAL… for reasons highlighted in the infographic below.

One of the reasons is of course, the because that’s what your customers expect reason — one of the most persuasive reasons. 87% of Facebook users Like brand pages, and the overwhelming majority of them think Facebook is a “good place to interact with brands.”

For marketers, it’s really a good news/bad news scenario. On the good side, Facebook is bursting at the seams with traffic, much of it relevant, and it’s a very inexpensive place to promote new products and offers. It’s a gargantuan pocket of traffic that is relevant because it has a tendency to self-select; FB users find you.

The downside is that, Facebook is a pretty restrictive environment for marketers and, of course, it’s not exactly a place where you can sell directly. It’s also a kinda tricky environment for promotions, since its not primarily a marketing channel.

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