Freedom…at the Beginning

In this year of elections, remember that over the last 240 years and counting, We the People of these United States must remain united in every sense of those words...regardless of what the Framers had meant by citizen in their time. They wrote a document that was designed to be embraced by all of its citizens, as an enduring message of hope, peace and tranquility for us to carry forth into all the generations to come.

Empty Yourself of Fearful Feelings Once and For All

Key Lesson by Guy Finley What hurts, what's painful and pressurized, isn't the event that you fear: It's being full of fear that hurts. This article is excerpted from Seeker's Guide to Self-Freedom (pages 101-103). Free Yourself from Pressure and Anxiety Before speaking to someone who intimidates me, I sometimes feel my throat start to … Continue reading Empty Yourself of Fearful Feelings Once and For All