Teaser for my upcoming series — The Kailley Chronicles: The 2012 Prophesies Begin

Fictional story of how the 2012 prophesies might unfold

Two young girls are thrust together by fate to bring vital information to a world in the process of evolutionary change as the year 2012 approaches.

The Kailley Chronicles: The 2012 Prophesies Begin

Kailley Sa’id received her first communications from the Lorkesh Consortium in the form of a journal entry between many other entries about the life and times of an eight year old girl. She didn’t even realize what it was that she was writing at that time. It wasn’t until her mother, Maria, picked up her journal much later that she realized that the handwriting and content were much different from the other entries.

The first such entry was undated, but between the usual pages of more childlike entries that were dated in February, shortly after her eight birthday. In fact, this journal had been a birthday present sent by Maria’s oldest and best friend, Doria. The cover was handmade and looked like it was a native dreamcatcher with a light shining behind it. Kailley had immediately fallen in love with it and had started writing it on the spot.

At that time, she didn’t really know who Doria was or the role that her mother’s friend would play in her introduction into the life of a channel. In fact, the two wouldn’t meet until the fateful day in December when Kailley would publically channel for the first time.

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Old World versus New (excerpt)

Lights shining through circus wires
We dance upon this Earth for such a short time...but, dance we do!

You are in the process of investigating the difference in the “old world” and the new one just coming into being. In the dimensional shift that you have already begun shifting into, the modalities of the old way of doing things are not congruent with those of this new dimension. The “new world” is not entirely meshing with your perception of the so-called “reality” of which you are used to being part.

When comparing and contrasting the old with new, it’s important to realize that there can be no comfort around the orientation that was previously relied upon in terms of your senses. This discomfort is growing, especially with those who continue to resist these changes in perceptual reality. Until this is fully understood, you must express compassion to these individuals and societal structures. These structures are being torn down steadily to make room for new and completely different ones from anything you have yet to experience. As the senses begin to adjust—they are being enhanced through DNA modifications and astral educational processes, all outside of your conscious awareness—it will become easier to literally “make sense” of these changes.

There are a few of you—relative to the general human population—who, as we have told you before, are the new vanguard of this evolutionary revolution. You are the educators, guides and mentors for the next larger group who will spread this information to the masses. These second level individuals will still be in need of assistance for some time to come from the vanguard, which will continue their individual and group enhancements in line with the growing differences that will arise in the coming years.

Time and Planning for Now…More Quotes


We often think in terms of how long we may have upon the Earth, but none of us really knows. How do you spend your time? Will you look back on your life and ponder if it were spent for good or ill?

Here are some more quotes that I created for my fictional character, which are consistent with my upcoming book…

  • Swimming upstream in daily living is not only tiring and time-consuming, but it will ultimately be counter-productive in achieving your goals.
  • Once the hands of time cease to move, forever begins.
  • When we wake from the dream of perceived reality, our eyes can then focus on the truth of our being-ness in the now.
  • All paths lead to individual awakening; all thoughts create individual realities. It is the individual’s thought which lead one back to the point of origin—the alpha—where oneness is the only reality. All else is illusion.
  • The journey of life in the world of the physical is not a waste of time; it is part of the Universe’s master plan for its children, of which each one is important and necessary.
  • Today is the best place and time to begin to implement plans that have been put off until “tomorrow.” There will never be a better time; planning without action is pointless—begin today in earnest.
  • Humans have the ability to travel through both time and space, as these are both constructs of the mind.

We are all really time travelers…all the time thinking about sometime other than the now. Ponder, then, not about what was or what could be in the so-called future; ponder on the wonder that is that rare and precious thing called, The Now.

Perfection of Beingness and Creating Reality (excerpt)

We are here for exactly the time and reason that we designed for ourselves prior to coming into the physical. No more and no less. All is perfection of beingness and this fact is difficult for you to accept. Be with this thought for a moment, try to understand that what we think we want and what we desire may be at-odds with each other, in concept and in practice.

Now, go deep into your inner being and ask for guidance. Why am I here? Why do I think that there should be more to this life that what it appears to be in my experience of myself? Why must there be so much suffering in the world…in my life? Is suffering necessary to my existence? These questions are difficult to delve into at first, but if you let that inner knowingness that you have within you percolate up into your outward knowingness of who you are in this physical lifetime, you will begin to understand the greater purpose that we have come forth to experience and the answer to the `meaning of life’ will become much clearer for you.

Keep asking difficult questions and continue to be open to the answers that emerge from deep within…and most importantly, trust those answers as being valid. To the extent that you can accept the perplexing answers to these time-honored questions, you will have a better understanding of all that you `remember’ about past lives and how that fits into your overall purpose in this, the most important lifetime. Not because you are more important now, more than those `other’ existences, but because it is in this now…this moment…that you are, you live and breathe here and now. This is the only really important point. The past, whether it was a minute ago, or a hundred years ago, or a hundred lifetimes ago, in this life, in this moment, you are simply, ineffably, indescribably, you and none other.

Once you understand this, once you fully comprehend the magnitude of that statement, I am that I am, you will ‘get’ it. And, that `it’ will be different for each of you as much as it is the same. For each of you is a distinct and radiant part of the whole, the oneness, the Divinity, which exists simultaneously in each of us, just as it is the sum-total of all of us…of the Universe in a single point of light! How wonderfully delicious is that? You are that. You are perfect, just as you are in this moment!


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Discussion about Past Lives…and How Thoughts about that influence Your Present Life

A couple years ago, I gave a presentation called, Past Lives, Present Living, to a metaphysical group I belong to…and it certainly sparked up a conversation. See my page by the same name and post your thoughts and feelings about this topic…enjoy!