SEO Basics For Self-Published Authors – Pt. 2

SEO Basics For Self-Published Authors – Part 2 Posted on August 2, 2013 by admin Posted in eBook Publishing, SEO Writing Part 1 of this article looked generally at the elements of search engine optimisation (SEO) and why it is so important for authors (or any web developer) to understand. In the second part of … Continue reading SEO Basics For Self-Published Authors – Pt. 2

Wild Mind

Blog writing is one of the ways I keep myself active too!

It Started with a Quote

How does one successfully blog while participating fully in the life around them?

I pick up Natalie Goldberg’s Wild Mind. Now I have read and worked through this book several times, but not recently. I want to take my writing deeper. Blogging has been a writing practice for me, like morning pages, a discipline to keep my hand moving. But it’s not enough.

I also teach, both children and teachers. I want to write a book of my experiences, but the forty years of my experiences are more than “cute” stories. I want authenticity, honesty. I want to be able to say the uncomfortable things, in a way that can be heard.

So I will continue my writing practice, my teaching commitments, and working through Wild Mind again. And if I don’t self-destruct (although that might be a book for someone) I’m trusting that what I want will unfold.

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