The Heart of the Matter & Understanding Feelings

Whether you are now in a loving relationship or not, it’s often difficult for human beings to understand how they feel about each other…regardless of the type of relationship it is. Be it romantic, friendship, or something altogether different, one might say, hostile, envious or hateful, we do so  more as a matter of heart, then of head.

When I first started writing down quotes that were supposed to be from the mouth of a child, but very much of a higher consciousness, I began to notice some patterns emerging. Once I’d gathered these together in one place and sorted through them, they fell nicely into topic areas that I’d started writing longer pieces about…that eventually became the chapter headings for my book.

Several of these chapters contain sentiments relating to our emotions and, in particular, how we feel about others in terms of relationships. It can be hard for us to sort out just how we feel when emotions are running particularly strong…both positively and negatively. Be it a former spouse, who we once loved enough to marry, but now “hate”, or a consummate enemy who turns out to be our greatest teacher, strong emotions…heartfelt emotions…don’t necessarily prove to be the most reliable.

The following short “quotes” do not actually appear in my current book, but are consistent with this section heading of the same name. Perhaps they will be used in part in another book.

  • We spend most of our lives seeking the ‘happiness’ factor that eludes most of us. Happiness can’t be bought, borrowed or stolen…second-hand, it is like attending a banquet without being able to taste any of it.
  • That which has always existed, which you call God or the Divine Presence, cannot be readily explained within the limited context of your language; this is why there will always be a disagreement about this concept. Find solace then in the knowledge and feeling which radiates from your heart.
  • Each being has purpose; the purpose of being is not always apparent, but it is why we’re here.
  • Life is simpler when love is present.
  • Love is the most misunderstood of all human emotions. It is limitless in capacity and the only thing that you cannot live without.
  • There is no safety in matters of the heart.
  • When honesty is tempered with compassion, relationships flourish; when honesty is amplified by fear or malice, pain or anger is almost always the result.

Re-framing Fear into Awareness (excerpt)

Cloudy sunset
From out of a cloudy day, the sun will it always has and always will!

You wander, often aimlessly, through the world you have created—more often than not—with a framework of fear and anxiety. Source energy is readily available to make whatever it is that you are imagining reality. This framework is the cumulative effect of all humans who have ever lived a physical existence. The press of time with your conscious awareness of yourself and the world around you seems to carry with it a fear about what is to come—what does the future look like?

These questions are appropriate for your present awareness as they impress on your collective psyche the “need” to “do something”—which is to say, consciously manifest reality. The opposite has been truer for you over the last few millennia and the result of unconscious manifestation is apparent all around you.

We offer these suggestions:

1)      Decide first what it is in your world which is not in perfect alignment with what you desire to show up;

2)      Begin to consider how you yourself have been perpetuating this reality; and,

3)      Set a new intention to shift your own attention about co-creating the world a-new.

We will amplify these steps in more detail soon. But, for now, know that—with every intention—you choose to wake up to your own contributions to these reality, and, it has already begun this process of co-creation.

Perfection of Beingness and Creating Reality (excerpt)

We are here for exactly the time and reason that we designed for ourselves prior to coming into the physical. No more and no less. All is perfection of beingness and this fact is difficult for you to accept. Be with this thought for a moment, try to understand that what we think we want and what we desire may be at-odds with each other, in concept and in practice.

Now, go deep into your inner being and ask for guidance. Why am I here? Why do I think that there should be more to this life that what it appears to be in my experience of myself? Why must there be so much suffering in the world…in my life? Is suffering necessary to my existence? These questions are difficult to delve into at first, but if you let that inner knowingness that you have within you percolate up into your outward knowingness of who you are in this physical lifetime, you will begin to understand the greater purpose that we have come forth to experience and the answer to the `meaning of life’ will become much clearer for you.

Keep asking difficult questions and continue to be open to the answers that emerge from deep within…and most importantly, trust those answers as being valid. To the extent that you can accept the perplexing answers to these time-honored questions, you will have a better understanding of all that you `remember’ about past lives and how that fits into your overall purpose in this, the most important lifetime. Not because you are more important now, more than those `other’ existences, but because it is in this now…this moment…that you are, you live and breathe here and now. This is the only really important point. The past, whether it was a minute ago, or a hundred years ago, or a hundred lifetimes ago, in this life, in this moment, you are simply, ineffably, indescribably, you and none other.

Once you understand this, once you fully comprehend the magnitude of that statement, I am that I am, you will ‘get’ it. And, that `it’ will be different for each of you as much as it is the same. For each of you is a distinct and radiant part of the whole, the oneness, the Divinity, which exists simultaneously in each of us, just as it is the sum-total of all of us…of the Universe in a single point of light! How wonderfully delicious is that? You are that. You are perfect, just as you are in this moment!


The rest will be in my book, Lost & Found…please stay tuned and feel free to add to the conversation!

Every Step Toward Who I AM (excerpt)

Now is the perfectly ripe time to be who you came to this earth to be—such is the core of the Aramaic Prayer. You might have the thought that you are wasting time or being misled. Know that there are no mistakes or accidents in your life. Whatever happens, however you perceive what is happening in your reality, it is in perfect order.

You are—have always been—a perfect child of God; God being just one of the many names for the Divine Creator. God creates through you from your intentions and desires; this is what is meant by you as creator—everything is manifested through and by you, whether or not you realize it. The true wonder is when you set the intention and provide desire, the Universe takes over from there. In fact, it’s best when we let go of the need to know the hows and whys of how its manifestation occurs.

Every step, every turn, even every breath, is part of your path, taking you from where you were to where you are now. Since there is only now, the thought that something or someone “prevented” you from being or doing anything that is “incorrect.” We invite you to let go of any thought that anything that has happened has been negative—this is not possible.

Pleasure and pain come from the same root within your emotional framework. You assign a positive charge to pleasure, a negative one to pain, but both serve their purpose. The body and soul connect to each other through an energetic force that can be interpreted by your emotions. This force is expressed through your emotional bodies and since your emotions contain judgments about your physical world, they carry polarizing charges in the form of thoughts.

Cube with tree and connections
It's all about symmetry and balance!

…the rest of this piece is in my upcoming book…if you really can’t wait until, and you leave a comment…I’ll add it to the comments. Promise!

Discussion about Past Lives…and How Thoughts about that influence Your Present Life

A couple years ago, I gave a presentation called, Past Lives, Present Living, to a metaphysical group I belong to…and it certainly sparked up a conversation. See my page by the same name and post your thoughts and feelings about this topic…enjoy!

August Update

August has already begun to feel considerably different that the first half of this year, including July; I have a sense that great things are yet to come as I feel gratitude for this moment of clarity and Sunday morning serenity in my new home.

Summer…it is visible in the air today with its warm humidity; the overcast sky says that rain is not long away. It was a record-breakingly cool and dry July, so perhaps we catch up now that it’s August. Personally, it’s been an interesting summer…especially July; I got a job, but have not been able to start it, due to a government form that been waiting to be signed. In two days, it will have been six months exactly from the end of my last job…a record for me in terms of not being employed.

Bell in a Forest Glade
Bell in a Forest Glade

I also moved, late in June, from the apartment I had in Bethesda. I have no regrets, but fulfilling a lease without a job was done, though at times required created methods. A friend offered me a vacant house in the southern part of Maryland…almost exactly on the opposite side of DC, but still commutable to my new job and a nice piece of property on three acres…quite a change from a one-bedroom apartment in the city. It’s also been a time for re-evaluation of all that I’ve been doing.

With every physical move, I clean out some of the accumulation of the past and make decisions that only a move seems to motivate. Having spent the better part of July in this new home, I come to realize that I prefer a house to an apartment and enjoy the relative quiet of the “country life”…though I’m on the flight path to Andrews AFB, so there are very definite breaks in that silence, though not like being close to a regular airport.

If I have any regrets, it would be that it’s taken me far too long to do some of the heavy-duty kind of self-evaluations that comes with entering this stage of mortal life. But, even then, I’m grateful that I’ve had the friends and family that I have to ease the way. No man…or woman…is an island; I am no exception.

I look forward to starting my new job and getting back into the flow of life again…after this erstwhile hiatus. I’ve started a garden, some plants from seeds are popping their little heads out of the moist soil; I’m planning a meditation garden. It will have a water feature, a bench to sit on and some screening for a bit more privacy (the street and neighbors on one side are still visible from the backyard). I’m contemplating creating a labyrinth as well; perhaps informal, but perhaps I will create something truly special…time and money will certainly play their parts.

Otherwise, August has already begun to feel considerably different that the first half of this year, including July; I have a sense that great things are yet to come as I feel gratitude for this moment of clarity and Sunday morning serenity in my new home.