Mind Full of Poverty

We can never hope to have enough humility to truly understand what it is like "in another man's shoes." We can only endeavor to appreciate what we ourselves have achieved without putting down another person's circumstances and apparent choices that may have led to that lifestyle.

Distant Horizons

It's far more likely that, if you lift your head up, you will see that although the path may be long and the goal seems to be far away, with every step you will get closer. It is when you stop realizing that the ultimate destination is still possible that you will fall back into despair and fear-based thinking.

Of War and the Cry for Peace

Unless we change our minds about these deeply held beliefs, Shakespeare’s words of 500 years ago will surely be as true tomorrow as it was when the ink was drying on his quill. Or, that it was an old truth when those words were penned about a time of Roman rule. All things end, but as to that end we are the ones who choose what its portents may hold for us.