Aromatherapy and Astrology, Together

A friend posted this on Facebook and I checked it out. Seems interesting, would love to hear from astrologers and aromatherapists about what they think...chime in, please! Astrology and Aromatherapy. Which is YOUR essential oil? Astrology and Aromatherapy Aquarius Planetary ruler: Uranus Element: Air Positive traits...Aquarius is the astrology sign of the future...of all our … Continue reading Aromatherapy and Astrology, Together

Activation Code 12-21-12

Human Activation Code Just posted this awhile ago...‎12 minutes after 12 on 12/21/12...I should be in bed, but I'm not tired! Strangely energized!?! Anyone else feeling this vibe? Standby for the Ride of Your Life! Now, it's 12:21 on 12/21/12 ... just numbers, right? But, it's more than that. It's our activation code. If you're … Continue reading Activation Code 12-21-12