Into the Light – A Story of Hope, Lost

We are each other’s keepers. First a final conversation, in Spanish, between two beautiful souls. The English translation will follow…

¿Puedes sentir esto?

“¿A dónde vamos, papá?”

“¡A América, Niña!”

“¿Y por qué, papá ?!

¿Por qué vamos a América?

“Para una vida mejor, Baby Girl! ¡En un lugar mejor! ¡Donde te prometo que nunca volverás a pasar hambre! Y donde siempre tendrás una cama caliente para dormir.

Y en tu cálida cama, puedes soñar grandes sueños! ¡Y tú y yo, niña, podemos hacer que esos sueños se hagan realidad!

“¿En serio, papá ?! ¡¿De Verdad?!”

“¡Oh si!

Realmente mi querida hija!

Ya ves, en América hay una dama con una lámpara!

¡Y ella nos dará la bienvenida!

¡Ella iluminará nuestro camino hacia una nueva y mejor vida!

“Pero, papá! ¡Está tan oscuro ahora! ¡Y el agua a nuestro alrededor es tan fría!

“Agárrate fuerte a mí, niña! Tu papá te quiere! ¡Creo en el sueño que es América! ¡Y creo en la dama con la lámpara! …

¡Mira, niña!

¡Veo una luz! ¡Debe ser ella! Ella debe estar mostrando

¡El camino a nuestro nuevo hogar! ¡Dios bendiga America!

¡Te amo bebé!

¡Sigue la luz, Baby Girl!

¡Sigue la luz, Baby Girl!

¡Sigue la luz!


⇔  ⇔  ⇔  ⇔  ⇔  ⇔

Can you feel this?

“Where are we going, Papa?!”

“To America, Baby Girl!”

“And why, Papa?!

Why are we going to America?!

“For a better life, Baby Girl! In a better place! Where I promise you will never go hungry again! And where you will always have a warm bed to sleep in!

And in your warm bed, you can dream great big dreams! And you and me, Baby Girl, we can make those dreams come true!”

“Really, Papa?! Really?!”

“Oh, yes!

Really, my darling Daughter!

You see, in America there is a Lady with a lamp!

And she will welcome us!

She will light our way to a new and better life!”

“But, Papa! It is so dark now! And the water all around us is so cold!”

“Hold on tight to me, Baby Girl!

Your Papa loves you!

I believe in the dream that is America!

And I believe in the Lady with the lamp!…

Look, Baby Girl!

I see a light! It must be her!

She must be showing

us the way to our new home!

God, bless America!

I love you, Baby Girl!

Follow the light, Baby Girl!

Follow the light, Baby Girl!

Follow the light!


Hope, Lost?

I won’t share the image here, it’s too sad. This father and daughter were photographed lying face down on the banks of the Rio Grande, the river that divides Texas from Mexico. It is a beautiful, scenic river that is mostly muddy from all the reddish sediment that is picked up from the Rocky Mountains, its origin, in Colorado and New Mexico. As it winds its way south, then southeast, it is gradually gets wider and more muddy, finally dumping its contents along the wide basin near Brownsville, Texas, into the Gulf of Mexico.

It is also a divider between two countries, two cultures, two people. But, only in name, not in humanity. There needs to be an answer, one that speaks to the love that can surmount all fear and addresses the complexities of this situation.

Keeping Faith in Humanity

Don’t look left. Don’t look right. Look into the mirror. It is up to each one of us to commit to keeping each other safe, happy and with dignity. Anything less is simply, in my humble opinion, inhuman. Step forward and do the right thing so that everyone rises with the tide, rather than be washed away by the tsunami of apathy, guilt and shame. That is unconscionable; we can do better. We are each other’s keeper.

Debra Brady
© 2019

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