The Wisdom of Eternity ebook release

Just released, 7 December 2017

The Wisdom of Eternity: Channeled Material from the Lorkesh Consortium through Kailley Sa’id – by Kailley with the assistance of her mother, Maria Sa’id

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Excerpt from the book

Introduction and First Communication from the Lorkesh Consortium

The curious thing about human beings is their need to make sense of everything that is going on in their world—at all times. This poses serious difficulties when being introduced to metaphysical concepts. These are not based on anything they have known before—no words have been created to help them explain and put into context.

Just because a concept has no defined words to link it to other concepts, does not invalidate it. The trick here, then, is to link these new concepts with new words to move the listener toward understanding the channel. She has been given certain gifts which will enable her to speak clearly enough with sufficient known words and concepts, through us, to pass this understanding onto the general population.

At times, this may seem a tedious process—especially to those who pick up these new concepts easily since they were less vested in maintaining the status quo from the start. Once enough new words and concepts have been clarified, the real work of moving humans into this new sphere of understanding which you have, to-date, called ascension.

There are many things have been changing in your world. It may seem that nothing will stay the same. For the near future, this may be truer than not. The prophesies that many sages have delivered to you will come to fruition in a short time. Prepare yourself for the unfoldment of these, but not with fear. Fear does not serve you in this time of transformation.

Remember also that, although you may not always see them, there are many who have been sent from the higher realms to support you in this time of Great Change. Go within and remain calm whenever possible. Ask and it shall truly be given, in ways that you can only imagine. The expansiveness of love will fill in where there are openings left by the vacancy of fear.

Be not afraid, we, the Lorkesh Consortium and many others of our kind, stand here to answer all that you may ask. Faith can move mountain.

Published by MetaRead360 Small Press

Debra E. Brady, Publisher


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