Disrupt Your Career Path Course Pre-Launch Announcement

​At a time of increasing change in culture and technology, this course is designed to help you figure out your current career path and then how to “disrupt” it with all the new information you will acquire.

My new course on Udemy is called, “Disrupt Your Career Path with Education: Reinventing yourself using free and inexpensive training material” and will be available later this month. Here’s an idea of what will be included:

Course Contents

  • ​Section 1: Intro to Disrupting your Career Path
  • Section 2: Self-assessment and Dream Sheet
  • Section 3: Hot Jobs and Worthy Models
  • Section 4: Training Roadmap
  • Section 5: Stepping into Your Next Path
  • Section 6: Wash, Rinse, Repeat

​Figuring out your current career path and then how to “disrupt” it with all the new information you will acquire.

Multiple exercises and worksheets are included to help you to navigate through the often complex and confusing path when considering a career change or starting one from the beginning. Here is a short list:

Exercises and Worksheets

  • ​Self-assessment worksheet
  • Dream sheet
  • Resume analysis and revision
  • Locating free and inexpensive educational and training solutions

Watch for the introductory promotion of this new career development course coming soon on Udemy!

To pre-register and get pre-launch freebies, send an email to deb@debrady.biz with the subject line, “Count me in to Disrupt My Career”.

Or tweet @deBradyMD to get pre-launch freebies about how to “disrupt” your career with my soon-to-be available Udemy course using hashtag #CareerDisrupt

Follow my dedicated Pinterest board for career planning hacks and course graphics: https://www.pinterest.com/meta360/career-disruption-hacks/

New related Facebook page is also open and available: https://www.facebook.com/CareerPathDisrupter/

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