Keeping an Eye Out Between the Eclipses

It’s no coincidence that we are here, now.

The doorway

We stand in a doorway between eclipse and worlds. Energy streams in from all sides and everyone is feeling it. There is no doubt that everything that is happening is upsetting on many levels. We must realize that it is all part of the Divine Plan.

There is another thing to keep in your mind…as well as your heart…darkness flees in the face of light. Light as dim as from the total eclipse of the sun, or even a single candle, is enough to drive out that which opposes light.

Freewill and choices

In these times, we are given some stark choices. Do you support the light? Or darkness? This is the point of freewill. In this dualistic world that we live in, your choice is your expression of that freewill. Though we like to divide the world into good and bad, the Universe does not judge us on that basis. However, here in the physical, 3D world, others will.

In light of the dawning 5D reality, the world of the 3D will begin to fade. But, we live, work, and act in the now. Regardless of what the future will bring, it all starts in the present.

Illustration of the Moon’s Shadow during Total Eclipse

Peaceful Coexistence

We are family. All are one, one for all. That is not a fantasy or cute song; it is the truth. Peace, love, mercy and hope; these are the foundations of oneness, prosperity and unity.

Recognize the Divinity within each and every person, even those who may appear to be “the enemy”. The reason for the quotes around “the enemy” is to denote that only those of us in the physical realm have enemies, or for that matter, friends. These are points of identification, most pointedly, personal or self-identification.

Gateway to the future

Like any doorway, you are being asked to leave behind the past. Leave behind all that has been keeping you from progressing into your best self and into the future you that you were always meant to be.

There is a saying that it’s darkest before the dawn. We are standing at the doorway to a new reality and that is affecting each and every person in their own way. It’s hard to watch, but watch we must for things to eventually get better.

Focus on beaming positive love and light to all involved, asking for their higher good to shine through. Sometimes that’s the only thing we can do and it is doing something. A lot of things are being brought “to light” these days for us to see.

Seeking Heavenly Guidance

What is it that you see in the present? How is the Great Eclipse of 2017 affecting you? Curious minds want to know!

©2017 Debra E. Brady

Writer, Trainer and Content Marketing Strategist

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