Illuminated Calendar Creation

I’ve often found great public domain images on various sites, such as the US Library of Congress and The British Library. Recently, I came across a link to the later with a huge collection of material, all freely available and stumbled upon a collection they call, “Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts”. Most of these were high-resolution images of pages featuring various illustrations that were both colorful and lavish.

After saving forty or fifty of my favorites, I began thinking of ways I could use these to create a salable publication. Almost the first thing I thought of was as part of a calendar. Obviously, I had already captured enough images to more than fill twelve months in a calendar, so it occurred to me to turn it into a series. So far I have identified at least four, probably ending up with double that.

Rather than using InDesign, I decided to use PowerPoint and quickly found a calendar template. After a few modifications to the template, I began adding images, moving them around and creating a back and front image for my first calendar that focuses on scenes from the Old Testament Bible. Here is a peek at my work so far:


Expected completion and availability for sale by September 2017, in time for holiday gift purchases. Would love to hear what you think of my creation!

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