Five Perks of Having a Video Homepage (article summary)

Without any doubt, your homepage is essential for the first impression your business makes on the visitors. Some would say that it acts as your online office reception area. Well-designed and tastefully decorated space with all sorts of promotional products at hand and a friendly receptionist can sway those who are not completely sure they want to do business with you. It shouldn’t come as a surprise than that many people opt for a video homepage for their company website.

These are five advantages of having a video homepage.

  1. Enhances company identity – more than a logo or business card, adds a public face to associate with your business
  2. Delivers a full message – 5x more people read the headline than the article body
  3. Engages the audience – explainer video increases visitor experience
  4. Improves the SEO ranking – easier to find, greater audience engagement
  5. Provide unique experience – appeals to audience’s emotions and keep them enthralled


Source: Five Perks of Having a Video Homepage


2 thoughts on “Five Perks of Having a Video Homepage (article summary)

  1. Thanks for the info, but it leaves me a little sad. I’d rather read than see a video any day. Videos are loud and take too long to download. And, well, I like to read. It gives me the ability to skim.

    1. I know the feeling…but I’ve gotten used to consuming information thru videos and podcasts. It does makes it easier in some way, but alas, times are changing for those who prefer to read!

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