Open Source Education project started

There comes a time when you are drawn to starting a new project and the next thing you know is that you’re transported to calling. That’s how this feels.

Open ED - Learning just wants to be free
Open ED – Learning just wants to be free

Tweet it out loud

First, it was just an idea for a new Facebook community page to share educational resources that are open sourced (no copyright) and mostly free. Then I started feeling inspired to use my skills and background in social media to grow a movement.

Twitter is the second social media site (that it still in existence at least) that I joined, the first and longest-running is LinkedIn. Even if you don’t have a Twitter account, but have a LinkedIn, Google or Facebook one, reach out and connect with me. They are tied together to share most of my content.


Regardless of your account status, you can always cross-connect using what is known as a “hashtag”. I have established a hashtag for this pursuit, so if you add #OpenED to your post on almost any of the social media sites, including WordPress, you will associate that content with this community project. Easy? Yup!

Making a motto

Learning just want to be free

Free to you and me, and anyone who can access a plethora of free or nearly free, content for self-education, general learning and all educational levels; that’s the way I roll.

After a brief brainstorming sessions…with myself…I came up with the group name, motto, community rules and started up the Facebook community page. The page needs a cover and profile pic, so I created them in Adobe Illustrator using some of the free clip art files I found about a week ago hanging out on my OneDrive. Funny how things comes together that are meant to be.

Great things to come…soon

This is just one day, not even a whole day, and ideas are congealing into a viable project that I feel excited to get into the world. Expect a crowdfunding request to go out, as well as an online storefront (haven’t decided which platform yet for either).

As I like to say, stay tuned for upcoming developments…but no need to wait, just jump in on one of the many social media sites that I have already started. More, so much more, to come!

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