Knock and It Shall Be Opened


One of the most misunderstood of all the concepts in between the personality and that we call God, the Divinity from which all things emerge. How, you may be asking, can I have freewill and yet my religion tells me that we also have karma or pre-destiny? This is an age-old conundrum.

There is many parts of the human being that are physical, but not all of you is in this physical reality that we think of as our existence. Consider, for a minute, that you are much more than a physical being that is currently walking on this planet we call Earth. Much of who you are, who you have always been and will always be, does not depend on this physical body that we so casually refer to as “me”.

Picture this, there is no beginning and no end to the soul; it is eternal. You are eternal. And, as an eternal being of light, you incarnate into this physical body willingly, knowing that with that decision, you are self-limiting yourself in physical form. Some of you may have sense of this, but it does not depend on you understanding this concept.

The Bible says, from dust you are made, to the dust you shall return. This passage refers to the portion of you that has become physical for the span of time you refer to as your life. Such a short amount of time as it is, it is merely a blink of an eye to the eternal you. When you take time into consideration, all that you call “good” and “bad” is merely a flicker of judgment you make with the limited understanding that you have obtained, mostly within the span of this life.

On a soul level, there is so much more to this; a greater understanding of experience that you can only have when you have a physical body. Choice is the true navigator of your life. What you choose, to do or not to do, this is what you have come here to play with. This is what amounts to freewill. Freewill, however, is as illusionary as this so-called reality that you are choosing to experience as a human being.

Freewill is a misnomer in that nothing is actually free, which is to say without consequences, as is the concept of willpower. Nothing can be willed to happen, everything that happens, happens because of what we perceive to be linear sequence of past to present. There is no past. Time and space, or rather space/time, exist only through our perception of this sequential, third-dimensional reality that we put so much stock in. One cannot fully understand what it like to be an eternal being while also fully enveloped in a 3D reality mindset.

Only through the acceptance of our eternal nature, you will understand that the Universe does not judge you. You judge you, and each other. Without judgment, there is no freedom of choice, as we think of it. There is also no need to experience the consequence of choice. There is only being Light, being Love. In this, you are free to choose to self-limit yourself as a human with a limited lifespan and to will yourself to be something other than light or love.

The Universe, “God” if you will, grants you the freedom to not believe, to not accept your own divinity. This is the sole purpose of the concept and exercise of so-called freewill. You are free to shutter yourself in a “lighthouse” of your own making. Free to close the shutters and either ignore or willfully deny your own light to shine. This is what the Bible passage talks about when it provides an allegory of hiding your light under a bushel basket. This is the choice you make to not shine your light; that much is a choice that can be called freewill.

What you may not fully realize is that this choice not to shine works both ways. You are not only hiding your light from other humans, you preventing the full light of the Universe to shine upon you. How silly is that? Why would the Universe give you this one choice? In fact, it did not. God did not give you freewill to shutter yourself up in your tower without windows. As a soul, you decided to conduct that experiment. What would this be like? To hide yourself from yourself and see what it would be like, to feel like, to close yourself up in that dark tower of your own creation.

If you have concluded that you don’t like what that feels like, then you have the choice to throw open those self-created shutters to expose yourself to yourself, to the Light of Love that you are. That is your choice. How will you ever know what it is like to freely shine that Light that has always been within you unless you risk exposing yourself to the Light that is Creation Itself?

You won’t. Until you do.

Again, there is no universal judgment and whether you choose to exercise this one measure of freewill. That is your choice. It has always been your choice and on a certain level, you know that. If you are reading these words, there must be a part of you that is ready to make that choice. To the degree you fear making that choice, you will risk either not opening up your shutters at all or perhaps, still uncertain of what is “out there”, you will only peak out briefly. In either case, that is you confirming that the Universe is unsafe. If that is your current belief, that is your truth.

Only when you can confidently throw open or tear off those shutters completely, you will experience the true Light of Love that the Universe stands ready to reveal to you. It is your birthright, but it is also your choice.

Will you let God’s Love shine upon you? It is your choice.

© 2017

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