Dying to Transform

Death is not the only way to transform, just the most profound.

Today, I drew Key 13. Ironically, it was also today’s card on my phone app. There are no coincidences. The deck I keep next to my office desk is Doreen Virtue’s Angel Tarot, it’s called Release.

Release in Doreen Virtue’s Angel Tarot

Traditionally this is the Death card…one of the most feared and misunderstood of all cards. Associated with Scorpio, it represents the three stages of transformation:

  1. The scorpion – letting go of pain and protection
  2. The snake – shedding our old skin and moving on
  3. The Eagle or Phoenix – representing immortality and regeneration

On the Tree of Life, it’s the path of Nun. Connecting Tiphareth and Netzach, is about shedding the personality in pursuit of transforming ourselves into the Higher Self.

In short, this card tells us that we must shed our attachments to the appearances of this physical world in order to gain access to what lies beyond our senses. Letting go of the ego-based ideas we have of reality can and will free us to become our Risen Self…this is the key to resurrection.

After taking a photo of this card on my laptop keyboard, I trimmed and adjusted it…and noticed that two keys were at the top of the card, the question mark “?” and Shift key! Again, there are no coincidences. We’re all being asked to question who we think we are and then prepare for the inevitable shift away from what we think of as reality to become our Higher Self.

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