OM – the Universal Symbol




The Source


Consciousness of the  Whole Universe

At the top, there’s a single dot…the origin of the Universe, undifferentiated, universal Consciousness. It’s call Infinite or Absolute Consciousness that no sound can express.

Just below it is an arch that is called Maya, which is the illusion preventing us from embracing the infinite state.

The part of the symbol that looks like a fancy number 3 is actually two separate parts; the upper part represents the Unconscious State that is really like a deep (undreaming) sleep. The lower part is the Conscious State, which is all about being truly awake, experiencing life through the five senses.

The final part is the Dream State. This is your experience of the world without being either fully awake or deeply asleep. This is where we ingest the experiences of the waking world and create our inner identity.

Combined, this symbol is a microcosm of who and what we are on all levels of existence. Om, Shakti, Ommmm…peace to you!

© 2016

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