Seven Year Anniversary on WP!

There’s always a connection between things…today, Easter Sunday 2016, is my SEVENTH anniversary on WordPress!


I came here to post a short blog and new FaceBook cover meme…and…surprise, I’ve got this anniversary achievement waiting for me! There are so many things to say, everyday, I plan on posting more often AND get this installed on my own server, as was my intent almost two years ago. Time waits for no man…or in my case, woman.


From a views/visitors perspective, I’m about on-par with last year, but 2014 was a banner year. I’ll need to dig deeper into those stats to try to figure out just way…and how I can recapture some of that former glory. However, I had more “likes” in total and per visitor in 2012…again, curious just why that would be.


My most popular blogpost ever is somewhat unusual (click on picture above to go to that article). It was based on a little movie that I liked that didn’t get much recognition called, “Elena Undone” and posted in September 2012. Other than my homepage, it’s by far the most visited of nearly 700 posts. I now have seven more posts to make to get to that number and if I do one per day, that can be achieved this week.

Back to writing and creating…and sharing! Thanks for reading and please like and share my post!

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