Rise Up and Rejoice!

Today is not just about one individual who died and rose again after three days, it’s about every one of use…if we so choose.


Easter is a celebration of life renewed. The great “I AM THAT I AM” is within us all; we are each the sons and daughters of the Universal Source of All Things.

No exceptions.

If we are all from ONE SOURCE…and we are…we must recognize the divinity in all of life’s myriad creations. To denounce one, you will minimize that which is all inclusive. This is in error, “sinful” and without merit. Love is everything. There are only two forces in the world of duality, love and not-love.

Choose love and only love. That is what today is all about. Have you risen from the tomb and been called forth into eternal life? If so, you will choose this each and every day.

Every day can be your Easter. Declare I AM THAT I Am to be ever present in your hear and mind and it will be so.

Blessings and prayers on this and every day!


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