Believing a Lie About Yourself

Love is all there is…and it starts by not listening to the haters and loving yourself!

Peace With My Life

icicles Do you know someone who can be cold as ice?

Criticism is a way of life in some offices and households. Bosses don’t want you to get too big for your britches, so they feel they have to cut you down a notch. Family members want to let you know that they aren’t happy with you – what you’re doing scares them. Your special person or significant other criticizes you for what you did or didn’t do. Sometimes it seems like we hear it from every direction. Is it all legitimate?

icicleSome of it probably is. We’re not perfect; we know that better than anyone else. But is all the disapproval a call to action? Maybe not. Sometimes, it’s criticism is more of a reflection of the speaker’s different point of view than it is that we are inappropriate. The most hurtful things can needle us and make us just…

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