Love is all there is

So very true…all there is, is love!

A Song in the Wind

62536_296302057162952_1641353033_nIt was after my NDE that I learned this very valuable lesson in that, whatever we do in our lives, however big or small the act may be, if it is done out of love, that is what pleases God. Because in the twilight of life, there is only one question that will be asked, “How much did you love?” Truly, in the end, love is all there is. There are people who will do great big things during their lives, touching many hundreds of lives and literally moving mountains, but if it is not done in love, it all means nothing. If it is done in love, it means everything. And then there are those people, who do small, ordinary things, things that seem insignificant, like doing things around the home, fixing dinner, doing laundry, or picking up trash alongside the road, caring for an injured bird, planting flowers…

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