Source: Star Wars – NO SPOILERS

Living vicariously…there was a time when I would’ve been out front (say around 1977!) but not these days.

Now I’ve got to avoid too many spoilers, alas I know that the older generation is likewise “going away” in favor of the NEW gen peeps. Such is the changing of the guard.

So, I gifted some tickets to a dear friend of mine who did not have the resources to pay for these before the new year…unacceptable! I’m pleased to report that she and her kids were able to see this opening weekend and thus I had a contact high from her enthusiastic head-nodding.

I have another friend who I plan on sharing this experience with…we just need to figure out when the lines and seats thin out to not be squished into overpriced seats…or have to wait in long lines. When will that be? Only time will tell.


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