Temperance: Key to Balance and Trust

Balancing wisdom, knowledge and trust during this and the coming holiday season

Temperance, Tarot Key 14, Path of Samekh

Today’s tarot card is Key 14, Temperance. This card invokes a lot of internal wisdom, finding the balance between what we have planned on doing and what we have actually do. It is about being at peace within oneself and trust that inner voice that is gently guiding us to patiently listen and respond with reflected and measured insight.

This can be a tall order in today’s hectic world filled with human, inter personal drama. Nothing quite says drama as the holidays and this past week was one of the big ones, Thanksgiving. How ironic, really, that this day set aside from all the rest of the year is laden with worry, anxiety, parental challenges and sibling rivalry along with the over flowing plates of food. Making this another corrective measure as we moderate our appetites with the abundance spread before us. Is it any wonder that we have upset tummies by the end of the day?

As we make adjustments to the expectations of perfection, both inner and outer, we come to terms with issues of trust as well as balance. The angel with multi-colored wings represents our higher self. This gender neutral light being stands with one foot in the water that flows from the twin peaks of wisdom and understanding and the other foot firmly planted on terra firma…earth and physical reality. The eagle and the lion lie at the angel’s feet and a crown glows brightly, representing the ability to master primal will. We have it within ourselves to reflect on seemingly opposite thoughts and feelings, balancing those with a measured course of action in order to take the middle road between extremes.

Be sure to use that sense of inner peace and wisdom to temper your reaction to the multitude of dramatic inputs over the course of these holidays. Remember to trust that your higher self will know how to guide your actions…and reactions…to whatever may transpire. May you have the strength to this equilibrating card brings to you and yours!

Copyright 2015 – DeBrady.biz

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