Gratitude and Clarity

We must each take a moment to find something in our lives to be grateful for…the sun always shines behind the darkest of clouds.

Gratitude-ClarityGratitude is a matter of Personal Clarity and Empowerment

Indeed, the sun is always shining, period. The illusion that the sun “sets” behind the earth is an old earth-centric myth that was long ago clarified when no one fell off of it when sailing to the horizon. No dragons lurk beyond the furthest reaches of our vision; we limit our imaginations by believing in these myths. The sun never sets; it is just from our point-of-view of the sun that ever-shines on this small world we call home. Even in the darkest nights, it illuminates the earth.

What do you choose to believe?

It is important to realize that you create your own reality based on the beliefs that you hold…good or “bad”…happy or sad. If you spend your time filling your thoughts with what other people believe, you will enter their reality and believe what they do. We are, each one of us, being called to be a more active participant in creating, co-creating, a better version of this collective reality.

Is it any wonder that what we believe is amplifying our experience of the world?

You must be clear about these beliefs, which are yours…and which are not yours. This is the meaning of “personal clarity”. You empower yourself to the degree that you can stay in gratitude, love and joy…about how the Universe is showing up for you.

So, empowerment…taking back your power to create your own reality and personal clarity about that reality…are the direct results of gratitude.

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