Remembering Lives—Past and Future

From Chapter Thirteen: Past Lives, Present Living

Lost & Found—Finding the Lost “I AM” Within You by Debra E. Brady

As memories of the individual soul’s past lives are remembered in the lifetime, one must be careful to not put too much emphasis on the passages out of life called death, but rather focus on the lessons of that lifetime as it pertains to this one.
Remember the past…but focus on the lessons of this lifetime

As memories of the individual soul’s past lives are remembered in the lifetime, one must be careful to not put too much emphasis on the passages out of life called death, but rather focus on the lessons of that lifetime as it pertains to this one.


Since there is no such thing as time, there cannot be a past or future to remember. However, in the physical world you inhabit, there are memories of the not-now that hold a special kind a fascination for human beings.

This fascination extends to the concept you call past lives. No memory can be trusted, especially those that have emotional charges. These charges arise due to the resonance you have with present associations. Understand that in order for you to experience yourself as limited, having a body, growing up, and getting old, it’s natural for you to consider what came before this life, and what will come after.

There is an enormous amount of pressure you place upon yourself. It’s what you call stress. Although stress does not need to feel difficult or negative, all these things you make associations with in your present reality. When you let go of time as a function of your reality, much of this pressure, this stress, will diminish or even cease to exist at all. It is the remembering of past hurts or potential future events that propel you into this state of discomfort.

Breathe, as yogis have admonished you to do, more consciously. Breath pulls fresh air into your body and allows you to be more self-focused. Time itself seems to slow down when you’re focused on the deliberate inhale and exhale of your breath. You will find it difficult to be internally focused and hold thoughts of time and exterior reality.

So what fascinates you with this concept of living other lives? Could it be that things or people in your life remind you of something that has happened before or will happen sometime in the future? In one important respect, there are memories or rather remembrances of a life or lives where you were not as you conceptualize yourself to be. The you that you are remembering is not a different life but a fragment of reality caught in the kaleidoscope of the multiverse. You have no tangible way of conceptualizing this, but you know that this rings true as you read this.

Hopefully, you will find this more understandable, but we know that it is a difficult concept for you. You have tried hard to place inequities and injustices that you see in the world around you into some kind of concept that makes you feel better. There is no ultimate judgment, no justice, and no punishment for the choices you and others make. The universal source provides the source material with which you experience yourself in the reality that you yourself have created.

This divine drama you have conjured up can be fascinating; indeed, it is an unending source of your art and literature. Those of us who exist outside of your self-limiting dimension are often amused at the joy and consternation that arises from this continuing story of your lives. If it helps you to conceptualize yourself as living in some past or future life, by all means, do so. You have an active imagination, fertile with all kinds of thoughts about what that might mean to you.

From your earliest memories of yourselves, the story has grown and become oh-so elaborate, often weaving together bits and pieces of other people’s stories as you make up the grander story of who you think you are. Pause, then, and consider how simple you really are without all these stories, dramas, and conjectures. How much more time you would have if you could slow down all these thoughts and just be you. But you are making all this stuff up to protect that innermost you from discovering the very simplicity and awesomeness of the divine being that you are.

You are just now arriving at a time in the progression of this remembering, which is allowing you to discover this core truth. We rejoice at what may seem to you like an epiphany, your true being with the need for stories or façades. When you stop telling yourself the stories, when you can truly let go of the attachments that you have built your life around, then you will be able to see the shining star of your inner, true self.

It is this unmasked and unblemished you that your ego self has kept hidden from your acknowledgement that brings us the most joy. You will understand just how important a leap of faith this is after you have made it. The irony here should not be lost on you. You must leap before you know what lies beyond. Trust in the reality of your true self and everything else will fall into place. As always, we send you love and support in this transition.

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