The Door to the Fifth Dimension

Some doors that you open, Can never be closed. Choose wisely
Choose wisely

Some doors that you open
Can never be closed
Choose wisely

Endless possibilities…the doors that appear before you seem endless.

When considering what to do first, remember this: Every door leads you to another possibility. The choice is always yours, even if it may not seem to be that way at the time. Sometimes it may seem that you can go back through the door if you don’t like what you find on the other side. More often than not, you will try to return through that door and find that it is either locked or not where you thought it was.

There was a long-running TV game show where the guest would be asked to choose one of three doors. Sometimes they would be given the option of giving up what they won for a chance to pick again and get what was behind the new door. Sometimes they did, sometimes they didn’t. Sometimes they found out what was behind the other doors and were glad they kept what they won. Other times, they gave away the better prize only to find out they got a dud in its place.

Life is not a game show. We don’t often get to choose again, nor do we have the opportunity to find out what wasn’t chosen. We have options, but they are linear in nature. The timeline of our human existence runs one way; all the other choices lead off into alternative realities that we will probably never know about. This is how it is, like it or not, this is the nature of choice in the third dimension.

We are standing in the doorway to the fifth dimension. Humankind is being given a rare opportunity to choose, as a species, which “door” we will go through. We must choose wisely and we must choose it together. Even if we don’t know what is on the other side of this transition between third and fifth dimensions, it will lead us inevitably to the next “chapter” of who we will become.

You are here for a reason. You are awakening for that reason. What lies beyond this particular doorway is a path that has never been taken before and, understandably, that can be a bit frightening. So, know that it is also a time of choosing…make sure that you are choosing wisely for there will be no going back. Fear is just the human mind not being able to know that its choice will bring something good…or at least better…than this time, this reality, that it think it knows.

Regardless of whether you, personally, find fear and trepidation in these words, you will be asked to choose. In the end, the door must be opened and we will all have to step through. Be bold, relinquish the fear of the unknown. The Universe is ever on our side.

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