Friendship and Oneness

Excerpt from “Lost & Found: Finding the Lost I AM with You”

by Debra E. Brady

Friendship and Oneness
Let go of your judgment of friend…they may be here for a brief moment or for a lifetime!

Friendliness is next to godliness. Whenever you create a friendship, you create for yourself an opening into universal consciousness. This is because each of you is a unique part of the whole, and, in unison, you amass a greater piece of the wholeness in the physical, which is what each of you has come here to experience.

The curious nature of interpersonal relationships is that you are experiencing both duality and oneness at the same time. This creates a certain degree of confusion as to whom you are compared who appears in your life as the Other. These are all aspects of your own soul’s adventure from the seemingly unknown to oneness. Sometimes the Other causes you to reexamine parts of yourself with which you have overidentified and that need to be expelled from your energy bodies.

A friend appears in your life to greatly accelerate this process. The friend manifests into your current experience of this “you-ness” that you examine within the framework of either processing the inconsistencies in yourself or reintegrating those pieces that have been outside of your current understanding of yourself. Friendship, in the realm of duality, is about making connections that are intentional, loving, and in divine order, hence the association with god-li-ness.

Let go of your judgment of how friends may come and go during your life; they may be here for a brief moment or for a lifetime. As the saying goes, “for a season or a reason.” Those who may appear to need your friendship may be the most important gift that this physical lifetime can bring you, and the most trying. For only a loved one can bring you the heartfelt joy and sorrow, laughter and pain, which elevate your experience of the day-to-day commonalities to extraordinary experiences of your soul path. All else pales in comparison.

Welcome, then, these friends, even those who appear to be enemies. All is as it has been designed to be—by you, for you. If it sometimes appears otherwise, look again. Consider that there are no misadventures in the soul’s journey, the sum total of which will lead you back to the source from which all things originate and know that you are home.

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