Surrender to the Path

Surrendering doesn’t mean being pushed around!

Peace With My Life

Laupahoehoe park, wave It’s hard to fight the wave when it’s bigger than you are. Know when to surrender.

When do you fight, and when do you surrender? When you find yourself falling in love, do you fight it? When do you acknowledge that to resist is futile and it is time to let go? After all, falling in love wasn’t my plan, and I was determined not to succumb. Nope, no way. The more I fought it, the harder everything got in my world. I finally saw I was helpless and surrendered. I let go; to continue the fight would hurt myself even more.

path, trail Surrendering to the path can take you to unknown places.

Sometimes a path calls us and we resist. It wasn’t our plan; we had something else as a goal or destination. But the more we fight, the worse we feel. We try to turn the ship around and…

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