“A Whole Lotta Love …”

In celebration…and an extension of your “week”…Happy Birthday with a whole lotta love!

Debauchery Soup

I have to say, I had the most ah-mazing birthday weekend ever!

First of all, I’ve never had a ‘birthday weekend’.

I know people who celebrate birthday MONTHS – birthday WEEKS – I’ve only ever done the one day.

So, this year, not only did I get to have fun on the day of with co-workers and then my family at home, but the next day more was to come!

Saturday, it was planned that we’d all head over to my moms and enjoy the company and the pool and sashimi! Nic’s girlfriend met us there and the four of us were in swimwear in no time.

Played Marco Polo – tried to dive (I can’t dive) – laughed, a LOT, while my parents and Jim chatted poolside.

Then came the surprise.

I was handed a card containing coveted tickets to the Led Zeppelin Experience concert that night – (With…

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