Easter and The Lovers

Every day I get a new card drawn from the Tarot as part of an app on my phone; today’s card is The Lovers.

The Lovers, Key 6
The Lovers, Key 6

Traditionally, this card is seen as about the surface value of love and relationships, but that is only “skin deep”. It’s about delving into our ideas about love and loving, lovers and other loving relationships which enliven our existence. It’s about peering into our own hearts to make a decision that may be weighing heavily upon it or to question the desires that may be stirring there.

It is said that when we choose a path…or a door, we also choose to sacrifice that which we have not chosen. We are then asked to take responsibility for that choosing and celebrate all the passion, spiritual devotion and, yes, even ownership for loving oneself.

As we are in the midst of several religious and spiritual traditions, known as Easter, Passover (Pesach), and celebrations surrounding the Spring Equinox and May Day, this time of year is about the renewal of our spirit. We are asked to review our choices about many things, plant the seeds that we will nurture and look forward to the greening of the Earth.

The first step of any journey is one of choice; which direction to begin and our dedication to that path to the exclusion of other, maybe equally desirable choices. As you sit down to your meal today, whether it be one of special celebration of this holiday with family or by yourself, consider the choices that have lead you to this point. Everything that you do, say, thing and eat, are results of a long and complex chain of decisions made and executed. Take responsibility for the simple acts and accept that there will be challenges along the way.

Easter celebrates the resurrection and triumph over death, that which was sacrificed was not done in vain. There is a purpose, but only you can own that purpose and manifest it in your own life. That is where the magic happens; that is when you are utterly transformed by the suffering that may have seemed to be unbearable. To accept the ultimate sacrifice represented by the risen Lord is to understand the meaning in your own life.

Celebrate the love that is all-too-often beyond understanding, the love that resides within.

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