Plate and Palate…There is a Connection

We choose a restaurant for the food; or, so we think.

We choose a dish for the meal; or, so we believe.

We are always choosing, sampling, consuming, but the meal starts before we make any decision.

The decision is the culmination of a complex response to stimuli within our bodies, translated to our brains, which sends us a thought to eat.

But what to eat? We live in a time and place that affords us (in every sense of the word afford) the ability to select from an almost endless array of foodstuffs.

Choices A-plenty
Choices A-plenty

We often have trouble deciding on just one thing and get confused as to what the originating thought propelled us into this particular choice.

We circle the area, restaurants calling to us or pushing us away with a myriad of conflicting thoughts far more complex than just the food and price.

We finally settle on a selection, park and are seated, only to be faced with yet another overwhelming array of choices on the menu.

We are served and may already feel the angst of whether this was indeed the right choice, or is our companion’s selection more appealing…or the ones chosen by those at neighboring tables.

We begin eating, judging each bite for taste, temperature, spiciness and consistency.

We eat until satiated, or continue past to overfilling ourselves.

We decide whether dessert is to follow and if so, what and how much? To share or not…more choices.

We get the bill and consider is correctness and pay for the feast…or complain that there is a measure of unfairness as to price or satisfaction.

Ultimately, the whole experience has been as draining psychologically as choices were, after all, not so much about addressing the body’s need to be nourished as it was an exercise in navigating modern existence. To the degree your sanity and demeanor have been left intact, you will feel satisfied, perhaps even elated.

The plate is arranged to please the eye of the partaker; the palate is prepared for the journey likewise. Consider that the plate and food upon it is the raw material that continues to recreate your body. What choices will you make…perhaps differently…the next time the “dinner bell” rings?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Food for the Soul (and the Stomach).”


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