Not my Monkeys, Not my Circus

It’s easy to get caught up in being agreeable…even on a disagreeable topic, people/friends/family top that list.

Peace With My Life

muskoxen These muskoxen look like Sue and I talking. She looks pretty distressed.

I had a heart-felt talk the other day with I’ll call Sue. It was a good conversation on several levels until she began to talk about a mutual acquaintance who I’ll call Betty. Sue thought Betty was singling her out and picking on her. There was some justification for that, but Betty had also been struggling behind the scenes. I pointed out to Sue a few things to show Betty in a more balanced way. I pointed out Betty’s personal demons, struggles, and challenges. Surely establishing common ground would help interpersonal understanding, right? Wrong. Sue left the conversation saying defending her own superiority and that saying Betty was mentally ill.

The whole conversation left me feeling dirty and confused. Where did things go wrong? What could I have done differently? Sue’s bizarre view of mental illness is limiting…

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