Musings from the Laundromat: Long and Winding Road

Love the concept…pre-Spring cleanout!

Debauchery Soup

While routine soothes me – it’s beginning to become glaucoma groundhog day each Sunday.

Bless my little glaucoma man, but for 5 minutes I stood holding an empty canister of laundry sprinkles, listening to him share the latest about his eyes.


My little pocket man is apparently in the hospital – remember him?  The one I  gave a band-aid to?  I just overheard that exchange between his wife and glaucoma man.

That makes me sad.

I just ventured over to the coffee pot in hopes there was some caffeine awaiting.  There was.

Laundry lady: I made it just for YOU

Me: You’re a lamb – that’s what you are.

You get connected to people you know?

Just said good-bye to glaucoma man … I’m missing little pocket man.  And staring at an ’emotional support’ dog sniffing around the place. Wishing it would come close enough to take a photo of.

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