Holiday treats & comfort carrots?

Carrots are a great conveyor of dip! 😉

Debauchery Soup

The thing about holiday time … fun things show up!

I sent a very serious email to my bosses simply stating:

“if you show up and I’m hiccupping and covered in chocolate … it’s because I was unattended with the attached.


A spiral ham came too – but that was addressed to me … the tower of treats and fun colored mixed drinks is for the office.


Then I got to thinking about how this is the last Christmas my son will be a teenager!  And now I really want into that chocolate – and am wishing the ham would defrost, cook and plate itself with a pile of mashed potatoes and some sort of comforting vegetable.

What IS a comforting vegetable??

Not these guys for sure …

mean carrots

Aw … here’s one:

carrot hug

I could use a hug.  I’ll see if I spot any produce reaching out to me with little huggy…

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