Mirror Mirror on the Wall

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Debauchery Soup

What to say about this guest writer?  I met this amazing woman when I was young – in my first real apartment working my first real full-time job – I think it’s safe to say where, as neither of us are near there anymore, Pebble Beach. (OMG, I was my sons age!) and my thoughts about her then were that she was a beautiful ‘broad’.  Let me clarify.  I think of ‘broad’  as a compliment.  Someone who knows who she is, doesn’t take crap and knows where she wants to go.  Spoke her mind, was amazing at her job and was someone I looked up to. I was blessed to get to be a part of her friend circle – I, to this day, have no clue why she let me  in.  I mean, I was seriously green – making all my first mistakes and was not anywhere close to…

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