Where is the Big Dipper on these autumn evenings?

Tonight … can you find the Big Dipper at nightfall and early evening? As seen from the Northern Hemisphere, this most famous of star patterns – the Big Dipper – lurks low in the northwest after sunset and quickly sinks below the horizon for those at southerly latitudes. It’s tough (or impossible) to spot the Big Dipper over the horizon on autumn evenings from the southern half of the united States. But the pattern is visible all night from northerly latitudes, albeit low in the sky. And, before dawn around now, we’ll all find the Big Dipper ascending in the northeast.

Dusk sky at beach with Big Dipper
Big Dipper Autumn 2012 by John Michael Mizzi

To find the Big Dipper’s place in the sky, remember the phrase: spring up and fall down. That’s because the Big Dipper shines way high in the sky on spring evenings but close to the horizon in autumn.

North Americans see partial solar eclipse on October 23

via Where is the Big Dipper on these autumn evenings? | Tonight | EarthSky.


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