Be It Ever So Humble, Blu Homes and Opening Lines

Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home…

The Daily Post challenge (from yesterday, but who’s counting?) was “What’s the first line of the last song you listened to (on the radio, on your music player, or anywhere else)? Use it as the first sentence of your post.”

Well, I cheated a little because I wanted to make another two-fer blog post that spoke mainly about my desire to BUILD my next home and Blu Homes is at the top of my list.

Just one of their homes...with a pool, of course!

The iconic design of the Breezehouse offers an elegant and harmonious connection between beautiful indoor and outdoor living. The Breezehouse is centered around its stunning signature Breezespace, a glass-enclosed living area situated under a distinctive “butterfly” roof. Dramatic sliding glass doors or Nanawalls© open to connect the Breezespace to the outdoors, creating an open-air living room that marries the home’s interior with the natural world surrounding it. A spacious floor plan, high ceilings, large bedrooms, luxurious bathrooms with floating vanities, utility room with side by side wash dryer, ample storage, and flexible floor plan options make the Breezehouse the perfect fit for you and your family.

via Breezehouse – Blu Homes.

No doubt you are likely reading this from the comforts of your own “humble abode”. Our “nest”, “crib” or whatever-you-call-it, home is as individual as we are.  Apart from the bare essentials, walls, roof…high-speed Internet, we fill it with those things that make it our own. Even if it’s a cookie-cutter suburban model, once you pass through the front door, what lies within is anything but identical.

Now that I have a new job…AND it’s a long-term “gig”…I feel that urge to find a home, not just a place to live. I’ve begun the process of elimination; throwing out many ideas that I’ve had over the years and trying to narrow the search down to WHERE, WHAT and WHEN/HOW.

Where is probably somewhere in southern Anne Arundle or northern Calvert Counties…close (enough) to work to be less than an hour’s commute, but retaining the luxury of LAND (love it, don’t want no cramped condo or townhouse living, no sir)!

What is dependent on a couple of factors, not the least of which is expense. Blu Homes have several models that I like, but they may not make the final cut if I build (which is my desire). I prefer ranchers over multi-story homes, or at least a downstairs master suite with additional bedrooms upstairs (and will be most for guest and resale value). I also need a pool, but will settle for a hot tub…water is a must! A garage or covered carport is highly-desirable, as is a fairly level lot with paved driveway (I have a gravel one now and I’m surprised I haven’t twisted my ankle yet!

When/how is a much larger question that will naturally fall more into place as the first two “questions” are more fully addressed. Financing houses in this area is not difficult, but can be an ordeal in and of itself…been there, got approved, but didn’t get the (two) homes that were part of the deal (probably for the best). Going it alone could be daunting, perhaps I’ll find a business partner to share in the costs and (hopefully) profits, since I doubt I’ll be retiring here.

Why we choose the place we live is as important as the location, style or landscaping. At the end of the (work) day, we come home, kick off our shoes and let it all hang out. Home is where the heart is…and the body that it lies within…

Stay tuned for further developments. It promises to be quite the journey!

The Daily Post, Opening Lines, via

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