Life is Like a Restaurant

“Even if you come early and stay late, your time here is brief. You will proceed through the courses and your dishes, finished or not, will be taken away in due time. You cannot get them back once they are gone.”

The Old Money Book

Life Restaurant

Life is like a restaurant.

When you arrive, the place is already up and running under written regulations and unwritten rules that you may never know and that are unlikely to ever change.

You enter and are probably treated as politely as you treat those who run the place. You are judged to a certain extent on how you dress, but more by how you behave. You are seated, sometimes in a good location, sometimes not, sometimes with luck, rarely with malice.

It appears that you are the first person to ever sit in your particular chair at your particular table. You are not. Many have come before. Many will arrive after. So be polite to those who serve you, for what you request, they will prepare and deliver. How that is done can make the taste of the same dish vary in wide measure.

Be pleasant to those who…

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