Recent Inspirational Quotes by Guy Finley

No one is moved to lie to another without first having lied to himself… about himself. (7/25/14)

If the Truth we profess to love isn’t demonstrated by our actions moment-to-moment, day-by-day, then what those same actions demonstrate is the extent of hypocrisy in which we live. There is only one cure for this kind of spiritual self-delusion: The honesty to see ourselves as we are, followed by whatever personal sacrifice we must make to start “walking our talk.” (7/23/14)

We want to be free of negative states, but refuse to bear our share in carrying the weight of them, a necessary act of self-sacrifice that is the mandatory interim stage between being burdened by the false self… and being set free from it. (7/20/14)

There are times when the truest choice is not based upon what you’re feeling, but rather from what you are willing to see is true about your feelings. (7/18/14)

via Inspirational Quotes by Guy Finley.

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