Revisiting Elena Undone

It’s funny that you can never predict which posts will garner the most hits…for one reason or another, that turns out to be “Love Wisdom from Elena Undone“.

It was a “little” film with an unconventional perspective on learning that one is really gay, or at least bisexual…and about love in general. One of those words of wisdom was about how unpredictable love can be…and how that love can come in very surprising packages.

I’d love to hear from my readers on whether you watched the actual movie (available streaming on Netflix) and if you did, what you thought of its underlying message about love.

On a personal note, I started out July doing so well…publishing new blogs or at least reblogging when I was lazy. Then I realized that I haven’t done either in over a week! I should add that I’ve started back to work and getting back into that grove has been interesting.

Promise: More blogs in August…personal truths and sharing! Thanks for “listening” to my raves and rants!

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