For Richer or Poorer – From the Top

From the Top

For Richer or Poorer text and mountain scene
For Richer or Poorer

For richer or poorer, each of us has a duty, as human beings on this planet at this time, to be our “brother’s keeper”.

For richer or poorer, we must all take responsibility for not only our own actions, but those who we have elected to make decisions for us.

For richer or poorer, the contributions we make each and every day of our lives define who and what we are.

For richer or poorer, no one has knows how long we have to live, but it is our purpose here in this lifetime to find out what we are here to do and do it.

For richer or poorer, all commitments we make, written, verbal or implied, stand as testaments to our ability to live our personal truths.

For richer or poorer, stand up and be counted for what you believe; this is where you will make your greatest impacts.

The Daily Post

Today, write about any topic you feel like — but you must reuse your opening line (at least) two more times in the course of your post.

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