Trusitng Yourself, Trusting the Universe

Five Ingredients to Trusting Yourself and Trusting the Universe

You must learn how to trust yourself first so you can know how to trust others. To trust yourself, consider the following five ingredients.

1. Become self determined.

Realize you can make choices for yourself. Determine that learning how to be trustworthy is for you.

2. Look to others who are trustworthy

Consider well-known people like Oprah Winfrey and Nelson Mandela. What are the qualities that make so many people trust them? Honesty, transparency, courage and other aspects. Find or develop those qualities in yourself.

3. Listen to yourself.

Listen deeply to what you want, need and aspire to. Find out what truly matters to you. These can become important, and sometimes sacred, areas to respect in yourself.

As you find out what you value, you become sensitized to other’s needs. You are then more able to deeply listen to them as well.

4. Become reliable.

Phillip wondered why people don’t do what they say. Until he remembered a time he forgot an appointment and didn’t show up. He wasn’t trustworthy at that point. Oops.

Keep your word to the best of your ability. Be able to count on yourself and be a person that others can count on too.

5. Forgive yourself.

No one is perfect. Mistakes happen, things get forgotten, you were unaware/unconscious. All can be used as part of your self-education, including what to trust and what not to trust.

Phillip went back to apologize to the person for the missed appointment. Although sometimes hard to genuinely apologize and admit your mistakes, it ultimately feels good to take responsibility for yourself.

Trusting yourself includes acknowledging what happened and learning from it and letting go and moving forward.

Start using the above 5 ingredients (especially the ones that need attention) and watch your life grow and the aliveness you experience.

via Trusitng Yourself, Trusting the Universe.


One thought on “Trusitng Yourself, Trusting the Universe

  1. This happened to me recently. It isn’t like me to just miss an appointment or even be late without calling to let someone know. I panicked about a month ago. I knew I had a dr. Appointment coming up but I hadn’t gone for the labwork I needed and I hadn’t arranged a ride there and back, and I panicked and blew it off. I feel bad about it and know I need to make it right.

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