Happy Summer Solstice

Time to Go to the Beach!

Summer's here, time to relax at the beach...Happy Solstice!
Summer’s here, time to relax at the beach…Happy Solstice!

I don’t know about you, but I live in the Northern (well, northeastern) part of the US and summer is really the only time you can do anything but walk next to the open water. Such a shame that we must wait for “warmer weather” here to enjoy one of my favorite pastimes.

The background for the picture I included here is from a beach front at Chesapeake Bay while spending a weekend with a friend of mine. It’s a quaint beach house that isn’t heated or plumbed, but it’s a great place to hang out in the warmer seasons. There’s nothing quite like waking up and stepping into the cool sand just a few paces from the waterline. The downside is that the house is barely above “sea-level” and has almost been washed away on a number of occasions over the many years.

Solstice is traditionally the beginning of summer and, around here at least, the official start of enjoying venturing into the never-too-warm waters. I have swam off the coast of Maine over Labor Day (early September) when there might’ve been three other people in the water (it was about 70 degrees with air temp near 80). I have also swam off the coast of Florida on two occasions during the “winter”. One was off of Daytona Beach after flying there from an icestorm in Virginia. The other was just before Christmas at the tip of South Beach (Miami) on the same morning that an ice dam broke through a large water main in Maryland. I know since it made national news showing a couple of cars with occupants who needed an airlift to remove them from the icy waters. What a contrast!

Summer may seem particularly short if you consider that most of us have to manage our love a sun and surf with earning a living or going to school. I’ve always been “afraid” of actually living too close to the ocean…afraid that I’d never get any work done. Perhaps that’s just another fear to free myself of, but so far, my mettle hasn’t been tested on that front.

Wishing all of you a wonderful time on this the official start of beach season, Happy Solstice!

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