Demystifying Talent

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line art drawing Capricorn against the starfield
Capricorn Swimming through the Zodiac

I subscribe to an astrology site that provides my horoscope for the day…at around midnight, which also serves to remind me that I’m still up and working on my computer most nights at that time. Here’s the one for today that I wanted to write about:

You are currently demystifying the concept of talent. You used to look at other people enviously, thinking, “I wish I had a natural ability like that.” But now you understand that the person who aroused your envy with his or her talent is actually just someone who had the self-confidence to go to work and refine and develop an aptitude. It’s a matter of hard work, belief in oneself, and bravery in the face of risk. You too can do it!

Sometimes we need reminders from the Universe about these kinds of things.Funny thing is, unlike most typical Capricorns, I have never questioned my natural abilities to create. I know I am talented…have known since my older sister pointed out that I could draw better than her at 5 than she could at 15.

A Matter of Talent or Hard Work?

What I do agree about this is that we may or may not be talented in every way. Sometimes we feel a bit of jealousy over the “natural talents” we see in others that we don’t see in ourselves. The point is, if you don’t have that naturally-born ability, often hard work and perseverance can provide some help in developing your skills. And, yes, you will have to “fail” more than that oh-so-talented artist or musician, but try and try again until you either get better or realize that your talents may lie in other areas.

The Universe gives us the desire to do things, but often those desires seem to be thwarted by what we may consider the lack of talent…or the time it would take to acquire the adequate skillset to overcome that lack. Jealousy and envy are really self-serving emotional states that actually don’t serve our best interests. Admire those who possess those wished-for skills and talents, but don’t let this form of self-pity…for that is what it is…get the best of you!

Note: the above quote is from’s Daily Horoscope for Capricorn


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